who we are

Suss is an independently run, home based pastry business lead by Pastry Chef Jasmin Smith. We believe and are inspired by the peculiar  and endless beauty that Arizona has to offer. Specializing in unique shaped and flavored cupcakes that provide you with a taste of  the South West for anyone with a sweet tooth! 

Also providing our customers with the freedom of creating their very own flavor combinations, we provide custom made cakes and other pastry items. 




Jasmin Smith

Suss is the German word for sweet.

Growing up in an American German family,  a large amount of Jasmin's love for food, stems from her German Grandmother (Oma) and her German family  who she has been lucky enough to spend her summers with.

However, over the years growing up in Arizona has brought on a new form of inspiration. Obtaining a degree in Culinary Arts and in Baking & Pastry, as well as beginning her journey into the professional pastry industry.  Has sprouted a love for the unique beauty of the desert as well as the flavors that are grown in it.  

Suss is the combination of multiple loves that motivate and inspire.